Thank you for your Support

About the Back2School Rally

The Back2School Rally began in 2010 to help those in our community with necessary backpacks and school supplies to start off the school year right. Over the years, we have been able to provide 300-700 backpacks per year and thousands of dollars worth of school supplies. In more recent years, we have been blessed to include more school districts.

Through this event, we believe the school districts took notice of the immense need within our community for these important educational materials and have taken great strides in applying for grants and other resources to supply for these needs.

Due to the exciting involvement from our schools in helping provide for students and their families, we feel the Back2School Rally, as it has been, is no longer necesary.

Thank you to our supporters and the many involved churches, businesses and organizations that made the Back2School Rally such a success. And thank you to the families who shared their lives and their needs with us to help us all grow as a closer community.

The Day of Hope

A new exciting community event will be held this coming September 16th, at the Arlington Municipal Airport. For more information, please visit Convoy of Hope Snohomish County.